Openoffice 2 Beta on Debian

versione italiana

Alberto Piai, 2005

comments to (of course rip NOSPAM away!!!)

This is a small bash script aimed to easily debianize and install 2 beta on Debian and Debian-based systems such as Ubuntu, Knoppix, Xandros, etc...

CREDITS: the script expands the one made by no0tic, Peo and others available here (italian page)

WARNING! This script is just a quick hack, mainly written for personal use. It only works with the current beta release of openoffice, and has some "requirements" for a smooth run (read below). I'll try to keep it up to date when a new release goes out, it should be just a matter of changing some of the variables in the script. If you want, feel free to do it and then mail me the changes :)

-- Requirements:

If you already downloaded the .tar.gz file from OpenOffice website ( in this version of the script the file has got to be OOo_1.9.95_LinuxIntel_install.tar.gz) just put it in the same directory of the script. It won't be downloaded again.

To use the script save the file and unpack it wherever you want, then change to that dir and give the command ./ from the shell.

It should run smooth, and it will leave in the current directory a brand new .deb :)

After having uninstalled OpenOffice 1.x, install it with sudo dpkg -i filename.deb

Download script: